Human Hair Wigs

At Simply Wigs, we have human hair wigs available in a range of colours, lengths and styles to suit any preference, from some of the biggest brands in wigs.

Our human hair wigs are high quality and designed to look very natural, so you can step out in confidence and own your look!

How Are Real Hair Wigs Made?

Before you can answer the question, ‘how are real hair wigs made?’, you need to know what type of cap construction the wig has. If you’re not sure, or you haven’t picked out a wig yet, check out our blog post on what the best wig cap is for you.

For all human hair wigs:


The hair will be laid out to have all the roots at one end and tips at the other.


The hair will be washed and carefully disinfected to ensure that it is clean and safe to use.


Depending on the final look of the wig, the hair might be permanently straightened or curled to prepare it for the cap.

Hand-Tied Wigs

As the name suggests, each strand of hair is individually sewn into a fine mesh cap, typically using a small hook. Our most luxurious wigs are hand-tied human hair wigs, as a single wig can take up to three days to complete – for more information, see our guide to hand-tied wigs.

Wefted Wigs

Wefted or open-cap wigs are typically machine-made, and the hair is sewn in wefts (strips of hair) to the base cap – see more on our page about wefted wigs. The open wefts in a wefted cap make them breathable and perfect for summer!

Combination Wigs

Some wigs are a mix of both of the above methods. Usually, for combination wigs, the sides of the wig will be wefted and the top will be hand-tied, allowing for a very natural look without the cost of a fully hand-tied wig.

How Natural Are Human Hair Wigs?

Now you know how real hair wigs are made, you may be wondering how natural the finished product looks. Because they are composed of natural human hair, these wigs are usually the most natural-looking style, particularly if you opt for a monofilament, hand-tied cap.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out our blog for more wig tips, including how to make a human hair soft again if it gets frizzy and human hair wig care tips.

Our beautiful customers look absolutely gorgeous in their human hair wigs. Take a look at some of our community rocking human hair wigs and see why our customers love their comfort & superior feel. Let the good times roll.

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